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Image by Nathan Van Egmond

Your Existing Space

with SAUVRN Design Services

Your Home Tells
The Story of Your Life

Your home is a narrative unfolding, a reflection of your unique journey through life's twists and turns. We recognize that design isn't about starting from scratch but embracing the layers of history and experience woven into every corner.


We'll help you breathe new life into your space, crafting a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and personal vision.


We celebrate the stories ingrained within your home, infusing each corner with revitalized energy and purpose.


For Those Wanting to Breathe New Life into Their Home

Transforming Stories, Evolving Spaces

Image by Dennis Cortés

REVIVE is Perfect For People Who..

  • Value the stories and memories embedded in their home

  • Seek to evolve their space in alignment with their evolving vision

  • Desire a functional, aesthetic transformation without starting from scratch

  • Are working with a modest budget. Our services start at $800 per space, excluding additional purchases.

Image by Kam Idris

The Process

  1. Schedule a consultation, either in-person or via video chat, to review your space and discuss your goals and aspirations.

  2. We'll create a detailed mood board and spatial design, blending existing pieces with new suggestions, personalized to your tastes. You'll have the chance to review and provide feedback before we finalize the interior design.

  3. Once approved, we'll prepare a spec sheet for necessary purchases, set an install date, and assign some pre-install tasks.

  4. On installation day, our team will arrive prepared to infuse new energy into your space. We'll assist you in arranging and styling your revamped area, ensuring every detail reflects the rejuvenated ambiance you desire.

  5. Ready to embark on a transformative journey with SAUVRN Revive? Contact us today to begin your revitalization process and create a space that evolves with you, telling the ever-changing story of your life.


Meet Your Creative Guide:
Allison Lardizabal

SAUVRN's Interior Designer Allison Lardizabal brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every project. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the intricate dance between form and function, Allison is dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate with purpose and authenticity.

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